Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: Contamination of New Items
    Poison in the Alchemy Extension is crafty, it won't show up unless you say it is 'tested', or make an item to test it in game. Either way, the syntax is the same:
        Crab Nut is a kind of thing. Crab Nut is poisonous. There is a Crab Nut in the Wizard Shop. It is edible.
    Creates a poisonous nut that the player can eat, but isn't told is dangerous. It is not a good idea to introduce very poisonous or deadly poisonous items until you have made the player cautious about eating suspicious things. You can help them to understand this by making things a known Poison:
        Crab Nut is toxic tested.
    Or testing it:
        Now the noun is toxic tested;
    Poison is tricky stuff, anything you craft with a poisoned item becomes toxic itself, and that includes dirty potion flasks, which you get back when the player uses something toxic. This extension also includes alcohol, which works the same way:
        it is slightly alcoholic.
        it is alcoholic.
    Alcohol is always visible, however poison is invisible unless tested for. If you don't want it to be invisible, you can flag all poisoned items by saying:
        When play begins:
            Now Poison Visible is true;