Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Chapter: Alchemy, Potions, and Combinations that Require a Bottle
    Section: Requiring a Bottle
    Alchemy is a very special kind of combining that requires an item labelled 'Alchemy Vessel' to work. Alchemy works with everything else in this extension - you can make any machine or tool require a bottle to output a liquid item. The player has to actually be carrying the bottle to prevent one simply vanishing out of a chest the player isn't supposed to have access to. To make a recipe need a bottle, all we need to do is say that 'X is Needs a Vessel.' (That is - the Result of the recipe is 'Needs a Vessel' not the components.)
        Essence is a kind of potion. [potions are special items that return a Flask when used.]
        Essence is Needs a Vessel. [This tells the script that Essence Needs a Vessel to contain it]
        Magroot is a kind of thing. There are 5 Magroot in the Wizard Shop. Every Magroot becomes the Essence. [This tells the script to refuse to make this item unless the player has an Alchemy Vessel]
        Jellic is a kind of thing. Jellic is Needs a Vessel. There are 5 Jellic in the Wizard Shop. Every Jellic becomes the Essence.
        When play begins:
            NOW Every Magroot becomes EVERY Essence;
            NOW Every Jellic becomes EVERY Essence;
            NOW EVERY Essence is the same as EVERY Essence;
    To add an Alchemy Vessel it is best to use the default Potion Flasks included as these are what the script returns when a potion is used:
        There is a Potion Flask in the Wizard Shop.
        There is a Dirty Potion Flask in the Wizard Shop. [These are used potion flasks that contained something toxic, beware of using them as they will taint their contents!]
    Note: You should only use terms like 'X is Needs a Vessel.' If you instead say something like 'Every X Needs a Vessel' the script probably won't compile.