Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: 'The X and the Y just don't seem to go together' (But you know they should).
    When you get this bug it can be for a few reasons:
    1) MACHINES - You forgot to specify BOTH the machine input AND a machine output. The output must be a different object AND a container.
    2) GENERALLY - You forgot to add all the 'when play begins' scripts OR you ONLY added the 'when play begins' scripts OR you didn't correctly write them. This can ALSO happen if you ONLY write one side of the equation. For example, if you tell the script that 'Every Raw Crystal becomes the magic dust.' but not that every box becomes the magic dust, the script will try to match the two items and fail.
    REMEBER: The Extension is matching the items by what they become! If both items become the same thing - success. If one item does, but the other doesn't - failure.