Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: When Compiling Fails Totally
    1) ERROR: In 'Now Every Magic Box becomes the Magic Dust', I'm not able to understand what specific thing is meant by the phrase 'the Magic Dust'.
    Solution: If you get this error in a 'When Play Begins' Script it means you forgot to change the 'the' to a second 'Every'.
        Now Every Magic Box becomes the Magic Dust;
        Now Every Magic Box becomes EVERY Magic Dust;
    2) ERROR: Problem. You wrote 'Every Fool's Torment becomes every Ninja Tears' : but this is a phrase which I don't recognise, possibly because it is one you meant to define but never got round to....
    Solution: You forgot to add the word 'Now' to the begining of that line.