Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Section: Replacing Default Messages For Spesific Combos
    We can replace the default message or add our own additional effects to ANY crafting combo using this script:
        Check Combining Objects:
            if something (called the craft result) that is become by the noun is become by the second noun: [This line stops our message showing unless we actually get a result.]
                if the noun is a magic box or the second noun is a magic box:
                    now craftmessage is false; [This line stops the script's default message from showing. It automatically resets after use.]
                    Say "With a hum and a series of crunches, the magic box eats up the raw crystal and drizzles a little pile of magic dust into its draw.";
    Note: adding the phrase 'now craftmessage is false;' anywhere in a 'before combining' or 'check combining script suppresses the default craft message saying 'you use the thing on a thing and get a thing'.