Alchemy Poison & Item Crafting Engine

version 1 by Philip Black

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  • Chapter: Machines - Making a Device That Processes Objects
    Section: How They Work
    A machine is a special object that receives other objects and then spits different things out into another place (The place it spits it out doesn't even need to be the same room). Machines are a really good way to limit how much of something the player can create, as well as to make the process more interactive. In the following example, the player feeds crystals into the hopper and can then take the magic dust from the draw. And as with the Tool and the basic combining, you can make the machine require a bottle to contain what it produces. (NOTE: Do not label the machine as 'Needs a Vessel' - you should only ever label consumable items this way) Machines are constructed like so:
        magic box is a kind of thing. There is a magic box in the Wizard Shop. "You see a magic box with a hopper on top and a little [if the draw encloses anything]draw full of [list of things enclosed by the draw][otherwise]empty draw[end if] in its base.". Understand "machine" and "hopper" as the magic box.
        The magic box is a kind of Craft Machine. [Input]
        Every magic box becomes the Lupi Lupi Essence. [Items it creates]
        The Draw is a container. [output] The Machine Output of the magic box is draw. [This script makes The draw receive items from the magic box hopper. If you don't create an Machine Output it will cause bugs]
    NOTE: The output must be BOTH: a different object from the input AND a container.