Scope Caching

version 1/111117 by Mike Ciul

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  • Example: * Which Rubber - Uses Scope Caching to prevent an infinite loop. Without it, the "After deciding the scope of the player" rule repeats forever.

        "Which Rubber"

        Include Scope Caching by Mike Ciul.

        Indoors is a room.

        The front door is a door. It is west of Indoors and east of Outdoors.

        Bob is a man in Outdoors.

        There is a container called a pile of balls in Indoors. "There is a pile of rubber balls here." In the pile is a ball.

        Understand "rubber" as a pile when the ball is not marked visible.
        Understand "rubber" as a ball when the ball is marked visible.

        The outdoor view is scenery. The description is "It's bright outside.";

        After deciding the scope of the player in Indoors when the front door is open:
            place the outdoor view in scope.
        Test me with "rules/open door/get rubber/scopestat/scopestat bob"