Lost Items

version 2/110308 by Mike Ciul

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  • Section: Losable and Lost

    By default, objects in the story are not expected to move around without the player's knowledge. Lost Items creates a new property for things called "losable." Things are not losable by default.

        The gold watch is losable.

    Just like Epistemology has a "familiar" property that we can set, and a "known" adjective that we can test, Lost Items gives things a "lost" adjective. A losable thing can't be lost unless it is known. But if a thing is both losable and known, it will be lost, and therefore subject to the Notice Absence rulebook.

        If the gold watch has been lost for exactly one turn:
            say "Your pockets feel a little lighter."

    One thing that is different from Epistemology, however, is that we can rewrite the rules about when an item is lost. The rulebook is called "Did we lose," and it has outcomes "we did" and "we didn't.":

        Did we lose a losable thing carried by the urchin: we did.

        Did we lose something (this is the misplaced things don't count as lost rule): we didn't.

        The misplaced things don't count as lost rule is listed instead of the default did we lose rule in the did we lose rulebook.