Weather Effects

version 3/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Section: Decisions

    This extension also provides you with, in addition to those from Weather (it is night, snow is on the ground, it is winter, it is spring, it is summer, it is fall) with the following decisions:

        it is day
        it is sunny
        it is partly cloudy
        it is cloudy
        it is raining
        it is snowing
        it is january
        it is february
        it is march
        it is april
        it is may
        it is june
        it is july
        it is august
        it is september
        it is october
        it is november
        it is december
        the phase is new moon
        the phase is crescent waxing
        the phase is first quarter
        the phase is gibbous waxing
        the phase is full moon
        the phase is gibbous waning
        the phase is last quarter
        the phase is crescent waning