Weather Effects

version 3/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Chapter: Features

    Section: The Scenes

    This extension creates scenes based upon the settings produced by the Weather extension for ease of use with Atmospheric Effects's scene mechanism. The amount of scenes created by Weather Effects is enough for the game not to fit in the Z-Machine, so this extension is Glulx only.

    The following scenes are created with their starting and ending conditions:
        Scenes for handling seasons
            During Winter
            During Spring
            During Summer
            During Fall
        Scenes for handling months
            During December
            During January
            During February
            During March
            During April
            During May
            During June
            During July
            During August
            During September
            During October
            During November
        Scenes for handling day and night
            During Night
            During Day
        Scenes for handling weather
            When Sunny
            When Partly Cloudy
            When Cloudy
            When Raining
            When Snowing
        Scenes for handling moon phases
            When New Moon
            When Crescent Waxing
            When First Quarter
            When Gibbous Waxing
            When Full Moon
            When Gibbous Waning
            When Last Quarter
            When Crescent Waning

    All scenes created by this extension are recurring.

    For more specific times and weathers (e.g. raining during a december night), you'll need to create your own scenes, like follows:

        When Raining During December Night is a recurring scene. When Raining During December Night begins when it is raining during a december night. When Raining During a December Night ends when it is not raining during a december night.

        To decide whether it is raining during a december night:
            If it is december and it is night and it is raining, decide yes;
            decide no.

        To decide whether it is not raining during a december night:
            If it is raining during a december night, decide no;
            decide yes.