Trinity Inventory

version 4/080708 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Section: The inventory listing property

    As of Version 2/071217, this extension provides support for the "inventory listing" property. This property, described more closely in "Writing with Inform" in the section "Three descriptions of things", allows us to override the printed name of a thing when it is displayed in an inventory listing. This support has been improved with Version 3/071223, such that the "inventory listing" property can now contain a preceding article, or something working to that effect, as the article display mechanism has been separated from the list display to separate rules.

    For example,

        A plain ring is in the Gazebo. The inventory listing of the plain ring is "that worthless old ring."

    gives the following transcript

        The gazebo stands slightly off to one edge of the lawn, almost in the center, but slightly closer to the edge the house is towards. A path leads north towards an intimidating forest and south towards the spooky old Victorian-style house you inherited from your great-aunt Mathilda.

        You can see a plain ring here.

        > TAKE RING

        > I
        You are holding that worthless old ring.