Trinity Inventory

version 4/080708 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Section: Parts of things

    A final note: the extension automatically describes containers and supporters, and considers anything which contains a component part, but by default this third type of object prints nothing (since most of the time printing the parts of an object is unhelpful). This does provide an entry-point should you want an object to comment on its parts:

        Rule for inventory listing the contents of the ring-tailed lemur:
            say ". The lemur's extraordinary tail is coiled around your neck";

    ...and should any of those parts be containers or supporters themselves, they will be considered even if the part itself it ignored. (Therefore a player wearing a coat with a deep pocket should be told he is wearing the jacket, unless it is marked as not listed when worn, and the contents of the pocket will be listed, without being told separately that the pocket is part of the coat).