Trinity Inventory

version 4/080708 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Section: Version history

        Version 1/071124 - A basic rewrite of Jon Ingold's Written Inventory extension, to modify the output to match more closely how the game Trinity (by Infocom) displays the inventory listing.

        Version 2/071217 - Added support for the inventory listing property to things. Also modified the way containment is shown, allowing for an occasional use of ", and " instead of ". ".

        Version 3/071223 - Separated the printing of articles out from the lists into separate rules, which improves the support for the inventory listing property, as well as brings better support of indefinite and definite articles. Fixed a bug with containers showing their contents, even when opaque and closed. Also fixed a bug with the player's holdall's contents not being listed, as well as a bug with contents of supporters not being listed. In addition, fixed a bug (partially introduced in Version 2/071217) regarding nested containers/supporters not listing their contents. Also found a bug which had existed already in Version 1/071124, where if the player wasn't wearing anything, it would write out two dots separated by a space; this has now been fixed.

        Version 4/080508 - Updated to fit version 5T18 of Inform 7, by adding the inventory listing property back to things. It also changes the syntax to use the new if-while-repeat syntax.