Located Sounds

version 2/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Version 2/080508 of Located Sounds (for Glulx only) by Mikael Segercrantz begins here.

    Table of Located Sounds
    location  sound  message  
    an object  a sound-name  text  

    LS Nothing Unexpected is text that varies. LS Nothing Unexpected is "You hear nothing unexpected."

    This is the basic listening rule:
        let spoken be 0;
        repeat through the Table of Located Sounds:
            if the noun is the location entry:
                now spoken is 1;
                if there is a message entry, say "[message entry][paragraph break]";
                if there is a sound entry, play the sound entry;
        if spoken is 0, say "[LS Nothing Unexpected]";
        continue the action.

    The basic listening rule is listed in the carry out listening to rules.

    Procedural rule: ignore the block listening rule.

    Located Sounds ends here.