Located Sounds

version 2/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Example: * To Listen Is Golden - Shows how to set up the sounds and to listen to different items and rooms.

        "To Listen Is Golden"

        Include Version 2 of Located Sounds by Mikael Segercrantz.

        Sound of frogs is the file "Frogs.ogg".
        Sound of the highway is the file "Highway.ogg".
        Sound of the chopper is the file "Chopper.ogg".

        The Pond is a room. "An almost quiet pond, with the sound of frogs crooning. The highway is to the east."

        The Highway is east of the Pond. "A busy highway, with cars zooming both ways. The quiet pond is back to the west."

        The Chopper is in the highway. "A chopper is hovering right above you." The description is "It's flying low, so low you could almost touch it.". It is fixed in place. Instead of taking the chopper, say "It's just out of reach.".

        Table of Located Sounds (continued)
      location  sound  message  
      The Pond  Sound of frogs  "You can hear some frogs crooning."  
      The Highway  Sound of the highway  "Cars zoom past you, and the sound is almost deafening."  
      The Chopper  Sound of the chopper  "The rotor whirls around, creating a force of sound reaching you."  

        Test me with "listen / listen / listen to chopper".