Instead of Going

version 3/071115 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Chapter: Messages

    This extension defines 17 messages for the room kind, namely

        can't go north
        can't go northeast
        can't go east
        can't go southeast
        can't go south
        can't go southwest
        can't go west
        can't go northwest
        can't go inside
        can't go outside
        can't go up
        can't go down
        can't go fore
        can't go starboard
        can't go aft
        can't go port
        general can't go

    each one being some text. The default value of each is "nothing", meaning the extension is to perform the appropriate action depending on which one, if any, of the use options provided by the extension are in effect.

    The messages can't go fore, can't go starboard, can't go aft and can't go port support the extension Shipboard Directions, which this extension automatically includes.

    The extension also creates three global text variables, with their default values being

        no way out - "You can't see a way out of here."
        only one exit - "The only visible exit is"
        multiple exits - "The visible exits are"

    used in the exit lister.