Instead of Going

version 3/071115 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Chapter: Options

    We can choose to use one or none of three options:

        Use smart can't go to.
        Use smarter can't go to.
        Use smartest can't go to.

    Without any of these, the extension lets the action continue to print out the library's message for not being able to go somewhere (normally "You can't go that way."). If we choose the first one, going in a direction which has no exit and no can't go message specified for it lists the exits of the room. Using the second one, we get the same list of exits, except for visited rooms we get an annotation of where the exit leads us. If we choose to use the third one, we get the annotations on all rooms, even if unvisited. Note that the options are exclusive, if we use one, we cannot use another.