Atmospheric Effects

version 6/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Chapter 4(d) - Rules for ordered messages

    Section 4(d)1 - To say an ordered

    To say an ordered scenic message of (tbl - a table-name) running (runtype - a running type):
        let current count be the number of free rows in tbl;
        let maximum be the largest number in tbl;
        let original count be current count;
        if current count is 0:
            let current count be 1;
            clean messages of tbl with maximum;
            if the number of filled rows in tbl is 1, clean last message of tbl;
        display row 1 in tbl running runtype;
        if the original count is 0 and the number of filled rows in tbl is greater than 0 and maximum is greater than 0:
            choose row with used of maximum in tbl;
            change the used entry to 0.