Atmospheric Effects

version 6/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Section: The Sub-Tables of the Table of Atmospheric Definition

    In addition, for each separate subtable required, we need to define a table following the form of:

        Table of Example Atmospheric Definition
      during  initch  latch  aftcnt  curcnt  sctype  runtype  frtype  igtype  subtable  
      a scene  a number  a number  a number  a number  a scenic type  a running type  a further type  an ignoring type  a table-name  

    Where the during entry is the name of the scene during which the messages from the subtable will be displayed (or empty for any time), initch is the initial chance of displaying messasges, latch is the later chance for displaying messages, aftcnt is the number of messages to show before changing from the initial chance to the later chance, curcnt is the current amount of messages shown, sctype is the scenic type of the messages to be shown, runtype the running type, frtype the further type, igtype the ignoring type and finally subtable contains the name of the table from which the messages will be picked.

    If any of these entries except the during entry and the subtable entry are missing, they will be initialized automatically. The initial chance to 100 percent, the later chance to the initial chance, the after count to 0, the scenic type to random, the running type to run forever, the further type to stopping and the ignoring type to do not ignore. If the subtable is the Table of Default Messages, the running type is automatically set to run forever and the further type to stopping. The current count is always initialized to 0. If there is no subtable entry, the whole row is ignored.