Atmospheric Effects

version 6/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Example: * Forest and Clearing - A simple example of regional and room effects, and ignoring messages.

        "Forest and Clearing"

        Include Version 6 of Atmospheric Effects by Mikael Segercrantz.

        Western Edge of the Forest is a room. East of the western edge of the forest is a room called A Forest Clearing. East of a forest clearing is a room called Eastern Edge of the Forest.

        The Forest Region is a region. Western edge of the forest, a forest clearing and eastern edge of the forest are in the forest region.

        Table of Atmospheric Definition (continued)
      loci  ignoring  subtable  
      A Forest Clearing  ignore  Table of Clearing Definition  
      Forest Region  do not ignore  Table of Forest Definition  

        Table of Clearing Definition
      during  initch  latch  aftcnt  curcnt  sctype  runtype  frtype  igtype  subtable  
      a scene  50  a number  a number  a number  fully random  a running type  a further type  an ignoring type  Table of Clearing Atmosphere  

        Table of Clearing Atmosphere
      used  message  
      a number  "The sound of a small river running nearby reaches your ear."  
      --  "A cuckoo can be heard not far away."   

        Table of Forest Definition
      during  initch  latch  aftcnt  curcnt  sctype  runtype  frtype  igtype  subtable  
      a scene  75  33  5  a number  random  a running type  a further type  an ignoring type  Table of Forest Region Atmosphere  

        Table of Forest Region Atmosphere
      used  message  
      a number  "A fox runs across the path."  
      --  "Birds chirp off in the distance."  
      --  "A rabbit bounces off with sudden haste."