Atmospheric Effects

version 6/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Chapter: The Tables Defined

    This extension provides a few tables of its own, each one empty except for one blank row to contrain the contents of the table. We have already encountered one of these, the Table of Atmospheric Definition, which is used to initialize the locations and regions of the game world with the correct scenic messasges.

    The second one is the Table of Default Atmospherics. If we fill this table up with information, the messages of any subtables of it will be shown in any room or region not mentioned in the Table of Atmospheric Definition.

    We are also provided with the Table of Default Messages, which can be filled with messages to be used when the further type of some messasge source is default and all the messages in the original table of messages have been shown.

    Also, the extension brings us the Table of Messages to Show, which is used to collect the messages to be displayed during one turn. The default size of the table is 20 rows, which may be increased if necessary.