version 4/080508 by Mikael Segercrantz

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  • Example: ** Where ever thou art - Demonstrating the use of achievements, locations scored and items scored.

        "Where ever thou art"

        Include Version 4 of Achievements by Mikael Segercrantz.

    Let's create the three rooms first.

        The entrance hall is a room. The basement is a room. The dining hall is a room.

    Add a door and the connections:

        A wooden door is a door. It is west of the entrance hall and east of the dining hall. It is closed and openable.

        The basement is below the entrance hall.

    Add some treasure:

        A baseball cap is a thing. Some crates are in the basement. They are fixed in place.

        Instead of searching the crates for the first time:
            now the baseball cap is in the basement;
            say "Tucked behind crates of various things, you find a baseball cap!"
        After opening the wooden door, score the achievement with message "finding the way to the dining hall".

    And the tables:

        Table of Achievements (continued)
      used  points  message  
      0  10  "finding the way to the dining hall"  

        Table of Scored Places (continued)
      used  points  loci  
      0  5  basement  
      0  5  dining hall  

        Table of Scored Objects (continued)
      used  points  object  
      0  5  baseball cap  

        Table of Achievement Rankings (continued)
      minimum  rank  
      0  "beginner"  
      10  "explorer"  
      20  "leader"  
      25  "master"  

    Initialize status line:

        When play begins:
            change the right hand status line to "[score] out of [achievement maximum score]".

    Ending the game:

        Every turn:
            if the score is the achievement maximum score, end the game in victory.

    And finally the testing command:

        Test me with " open door / score / w / score / e / d / score / search crates / take cap ".