Reactable Quips

version 10 by Michael Martin

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    "A table-based approach to NPC conversation chains, as well as allowing rules to fire on lines of conversation."

    [Version 10 - Quick patch and update for 6E59, correcting the compilation problems and removing any reliance on deprecated features or syntax.]
    [Version 9 - Updated for 5T18, correcting run-time problems and ducking some library bugs.]
    [Version 8 - Made it cleaner for clients to check whether or not RQ is active. Cleaned up the parser errors a little.]
    [Version 7 - Remove the ugly hack from version 6 that copes with the 4X60 bug.]
    [Version 6 - Add > SAY X syntax to match QBC. Allow delivery of nested quips. Make example clickable. Basic quipping rule changed to be compatible with 4X60.]
    [Version 5 - Made a procedural rule static.]
    [Version 4 - Cleanups for indexing. Rule ordering bugfix. Removed redundant rules. Permit current quip to change in a "before quipping" rule. Reset the number understood when necessary to duck a parser issue. Add a specification for quips. Removed ugly hacks to make parser asides work right in versions of Inform predating version 4S08.]
    [Version 3 - Replaced parentheses with brackets where appropriate, as is traditional for parser asides. Removed the "wait silently" action by using conditional "understand" statements instead -- this produces sensible error messages in all circumstances as of version 3T38 of Inform 7. Expanded documentation to show how default ask and tell quips can be individually universally redefined. ]
    [Version 2 - Modified "if index is the noun" to "if index is the number understood" to compensate for Inform 7's improved type checking in 3R85. Improved the output of REPEAT, and added RECAP as a synonym.]
    [Version 1 - Initial release.]