Reactable Quips

version 10 by Michael Martin

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  • Example: ** When Injokes Collide - Mixing conversation with reactions, and matching on complete phrases or complex topics.

        "When Injokes Collide"

        Include Reactable Quips by Michael Martin.

        Use American dialect, the serial comma, no deprecated features, and no scoring.

        Horace's House is a room. A man called Horace is here. "Your eccentric neighbor Horace is here, with a T-shirt that says 'TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF.'"

        Table of Quip Texts (continued)
      quip  quiptext  
      suggest monkeys  "'That's nice, I suppose. But have I told you how awesome monkeys are? You should ask me about monkeys!'"  
      yay monkeys  "'Monkeys are awesome! Anyone with [italic type]any[roman type] sense loves monkeys. Did you know? It was humans who unleashed Zero Wing on an unsuspecting universe.'"  
      hate aybabtu  "Horace unleashes an unearthly howl. 'AIIIEEEEE! NO! Speak of it not! Never again! Hate you forever! Die die die!!!!'[paragraph break]He leaps for your throat, wrestles you to the ground, and pummels the consciousness out of you. Death will follow soon enough..."  
      apes ok  "'They're OK, I guess, but they're not nearly as great as monkeys.'"  
      humans lousy  "'Humans in general are vastly inferior to monkeys.'"  
      kindred spirit  "'Finally! A kindred spirit! My quest is finally over. Take this briefcase as a token of my appreciation.'[paragraph break]He hands you a briefcase full of solid gold Krugerrands."  
      speciesist  "'Oh, you're just speciesist like the rest of them.'"  

        Table of Quip Followups (continued)
      quip  option  result  
      humans lousy  "Fervently agree"  kindred spirit  
      humans lousy  "Shrug indifferently"  speciesist  

        Table of Ask Results (continued)
      NPC  topic  result  
      Horace  "monkeys"  yay monkeys  
      Horace  "lemurs/apes/gibbons/orangutans/bonobos/gorillas"  apes ok  
      Horace  "humans/people/me/you/myself/yourself/himself/self"  humans lousy  
      Horace  "All his/her/your base" or "All his/her/your base are belong to us/you/me" or "AYBABTU"  hate aybabtu  

        Table of Tell Results (continued)
      NPC  topic  result  
      Horace  "self/me/myself"  suggest monkeys  

        After quipping when the current quip is hate aybabtu: end the story saying "You have no chance to survive make your time".
        After quipping when the current quip is kindred spirit: end the story finally saying "You have won".

        test winning with "ask horace about people / 3 / 1".

        test me with "tell horace about myself / ask horace about how awesome monkeys are / ask horace about humans / go east / repeat / 2 / ask horace about gibbons / ask horace about all his base".