Reactable Quips

version 10 by Michael Martin

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  • Example: ** Think Fast - Reacting to sudden events with a choice from a menu.

    The "deliver the X quip" command lets us move into reaction mode whenever we want; the trick is to make the choice mean something (by attaching rules to the followup quips) and to trigger the initial quip at the appropriate time.

        "Think Fast"

        Include Reactable Quips by Michael Martin.
        Use no scoring.

        The Playground is a room. "This grassy field is perfect for all kinds of sports. Something's happening off to the east."
        East of the playground is the Pitcher's Mound.

        Table of Quip Texts (continued)
      quip  quiptext  
      Sudden Event  "As you walk over to the pitcher's mound, you hear a shout and something flies right at your face!"  
      Victory  "You quickly raise your hand and pluck the missile out of the air. Looking at it closely, you see that it is a fabulous gem!"  
      Evasion  "You expertly duck and the missile flies over your head, landing somewhere in the playground from whence you came."  

        Table of Quip Followups (continued)
      quip  option  result  
      Sudden Event  "Catch it"  Victory  
      Sudden Event  "Duck it"  Evasion  

        The fabulous gem is a thing. The description is "Shiny!"
        After quipping when the current quip is Victory: now the player holds the fabulous gem.
        After quipping when the current quip is Evasion: now the fabulous gem is in the Playground.

        Every turn: If the player carries the fabulous gem, end the story finally saying "You're fantastically wealthy!"

        Assault is a scene. Assault begins when the location is the Pitcher's Mound. When Assault begins: deliver the Sudden Event quip. Assault ends when the fabulous gem is not off-stage.

        Test catch with "e / 3 / 1".
        Test evade with "e / e / repeat / 2 / w / get gem".

    We use a scene to trigger our starting quip for two reasons: first, to ensure it only happens once, and second, to ensure that the quip happens after the room description is printed.