Reactable Quips

version 10 by Michael Martin

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  • Example: * Security Consultant - Extracting useful information from an NPC.

        "Security Consultant"

        Include Reactable Quips by Michael Martin.

        The Vault is a room. A guard is a man in the Vault. Some treasure is in the vault. The default tell quip of the guard is t_badpassword.

        Instead of taking the treasure, say "The guard holds up a hand. 'I can't let you touch that unless you tell me the password.'"

        Table of Ask Results (continued)
      NPC  topic  result  
      guard  "name"  a_name  
      guard  "treasure"  a_treasure  
      guard  "password"  a_password  
      guard  "job/guard"  a_job  
      guard  "anglerfish"  a_fish  

        Table of Tell Results (continued)
      NPC  topic  result  
      guard  "password"  t_password  
      guard  "anglerfish"  t_fish  
      guard  "treasure"  a_treasure  

        Table of Quip Texts (continued)
      quip  quiptext  
      a_name  "'My name's Gordon.'"  
      a_treasure  "'Pretty fantastic, isn't it?'"  
      a_password  "'The password is [']anglerfish['].'"  
      a_job  "'I'm a guard. I guard things.'"  
      a_fish  "'That's kind of above my pay grade. I guess it's some kind of fish?'"  
      t_fish  "'That's the password! Sure, you can have the treasure.'"  
      t_password  "'No, no, you have to tell me the password, not tell me [']the password['].'"  
      t_badpassword  "'Sorry, that's not the password.'"  

        After quipping when the current quip is t_fish: end the story finally saying "You have discovered a fatal security flaw".

        Test me with "ask guard about name / take treasure / ask guard about guard / guard, sesame / guard, password / tell guard about treasure / ask guard about treasure / ask guard about password / say anglerfish to guard".

    Note that most traditional syntaxes for talking to NPCs will translate to TELL actions. Also note that a single line of dialogue may be recycled across ASK and TELL or even across NPCs by referring to the same quip multiple times.