Reactable Quips

version 10 by Michael Martin

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  • Section: Customizing parser messages

    Most of the text produced by Reactable Quips can be modified. The two most probable things to change are the "generic ask quip" and the "generic tell quip", which are the default message when you ask or tell/answer about a topic a person has no defined response to. Both default to "You can't think of anything to say on that topic."

    If the player attempts something that is not selecting a reaction when a reaction is required, the parser will usually reply with "[I need some kind of reaction from you to continue the scene. Enter a number, or say REPEAT to reacquaint yourself with your options.]" To change this message, reassign "the RQ reaction demand."

    If the player requests a recap of his options, it will preface the options with "The available options are:". To change that text, reassign "the RQ options prologue". Ordinarily this can only happen when a reaction is pending, but in case it doesn't, the "RQ no options" text will be printed. This defaults to "[No responses are currently available.]".

    If you wish to rewrite the error message for an invalid number, you will need to replace "the basic RQ out of range rule". The RQ out of range rules operate on numbers; the number received is the maximum valid value at the time of the error. Here is the entirety of the basic rule, for use as a template:

        An RQ out of range rule for a number (called max) (this is the basic RQ out of range rule): say "[bracket]Valid responses range from 1-[max]. Type REPEAT to relist the options.[close bracket][paragraph break]".