Reactable Quips

version 10 by Michael Martin

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  • Section: Attaching rules to quips

    Quips can be attached to rules; however, quips aren't things, and so can't be treated as "something" or "anything." Instead, we use rulebooks associated with the quipping activity:

        Before quipping when the current quip is greeting: say "You walk up and say hello."

    Quips may require a reaction. Possible responses (and the quips those responses lead to) are stored in the Table of Quip Followups:

        Table of Quip Followups (continued)
      quip  option  result  
      greeting  "Make small talk"  discuss weather  
      greeting  "Get down to business"  standoff  

    If a quip is in the table of quip followups, the game will not progress until a choice has been made. If a quip does not appear in the table of quip followups, then after delivering the quip, normal gameplay resumes.

    If you want to check on your own whether or not a response is being awaited, the condition to check is:

        if RQ is active