Quip-Based Conversation

version 5 by Michael Martin

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  • Section 5 - Recaps

    QBC recap is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "repeat" or "recap" as QBC recap when QBC is active.

    Carry out QBC recap (this is the perform QBC recap rule):
        let qbc_index be 0;
        repeat through qbc_litany:
            if the enabled entry is 1:
                increase qbc_index by 1;
                if qbc_index is 1, say "[RQ options prologue][paragraph break]";
                say "[bracket][qbc_index][close bracket] [prompt entry][line break]";
        [This "can't happen" but there's no reason to not check.]
        if qbc_index is 0, say "[QBC no conversation error][paragraph break]";

    The QBC no conversation error is some text that varies. The QBC no conversation error is usually "[bracket]You are not currently in a conversation.[close bracket]".