Quip-Based Conversation

version 5 by Michael Martin

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    "An extension to Reactable Quips to allow for more traditional menu-based conversation."

    Include Version 10 of Reactable Quips by Michael Martin.

    [Version 5: Update for 6E59. Removes references to deprecated features in Inform.]
    [Version 4: Update for 5T18. Syntax and documentation updates; Version 3 should still work as long as RQ is the right version.]
    [Version 3: Update for 5G67. Fixes an understanding precedence problem between RQ and QBC. Gives better parser errors if garbage is typed while a conversation is live.]
    [Version 2: Update for 4X60. Requires at least version 6 of RQ because previous versions don't work on 4X60.]
    [Version 1: Initial release. We require at least version 3 of RQ because we rely on the conditional Understand commands to handle overrides.]