Quip-Based Conversation

version 5 by Michael Martin

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  • Section: Intermingling conversation with other activities

    Quips in a litany may have followups defined as per Reactable Quips; see the Reactable Quips documentation for details on how this works. Note that while Reactions require a response from the player, ordinary conversation does not. This is a departure from the Phototalk model, but tracks more modern works such as City of Secrets or Beyond. If you wish to require conversation to continue until stopped, include the following code in your project.

        Before doing something when QBC is active (this is the QBC force conversation rule):
            unless the current action is QBC responding with or the current action is QBC recap, say "[bracket]I need some kind of reaction from you to continue the scene. Enter a number, or say REPEAT to reacquaint yourself with your options.[close bracket][paragraph break]" instead.

        The QBC force conversation rule is listed first in the before rules.

    This code may change across versions of Quip-Based Conversations, so if you upgrade mid-project, check this section again. Also, make sure that all conversations have some option that that both re-enables itself and terminates the conversation, or players will get stuck!

    If you keep the default, interruptible conversations, you will need to ensure that conversations terminate when the PC and the NPC being spoken to are no longer in the same location. If NPCs do not move, a simple

        Before going: terminate the conversation.

    will suffice; terminating a conversation that is not in progress is harmless. If you wish to check to see if you are in a conversation, as we did above in the force conversation rule, the condition to check is

        if QBC is active