Simple Debugger

version 1/080105 by Michael Hilborn

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  • Chapter: Activating the debugger from within the source

    Normally, you will want to reserve the activation of the debugger for the player. There are times, however, when you might want to activate the debugger as soon as it is initialized. You can do so with the "initialize debugger" phrase options, "activating general debugging" and "activating object-debugging". For example:

        When play begins:
            initialize debugger, activating object-debugging, activating general debugging.

    You can also explicitly activate and deactivate the various debugging modes with the following phrases (you still need to *initialize* the debugger before using these phrases):

        set general debugging "on";
        set general debugging "off";
        now [a thing] is being debugged;
        now [a thing] is not being debugged;
        set debugging for all objects "on";
        set debugging for all objects "off";
        set ultra debugging "on";
        set ultra debugging "off";

    Typically, you will want to include the "initialize debugger" and other phrases in a "Not for release" header of your source. This will prevent players from having access to all of your dirty little secrets while they're enjoying your otherwise flawless game.