version 5 by Michael Callaghan

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  • Section: What's new?
    Version 1
    The first public release of Questions.
    Version 2
    - Punctuation removal in text questions is now optional.
    - Questions can now be used in conjunction with the Fixed Point Maths extension to allow questions that requires a real number to be asked.
    - To decide phrase added to determine if we are asking a question.
    Many thanks are due to Erik Temple for suggesting the changes implemented in version 2.
    Version 3
    The variable "current menu" has been changed to "current question menu" to avoid a namespace clash with Emily Short's Menu extension.
    Version 4
    Deprecated phases have been removed from the extension and the examples.
    Version 5
    - Updated for version 6L02 and above.
    - Links to fixed point maths removed.
    - Real numbers are questions are supported.
    - Requires Glulx.