version 5 by Michael Callaghan

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  • Chapter: Setting the command prompt for questions
    Section: Overview
    When a question is asked, we can change the command prompt to indicate to the player that a question is being asked. By default, the extension sets a series of default prompts. These are specific to the type of question being asked; they are:
        Closed number prompt: "Please enter a whole number >".
        Open number prompt: ">".
        Closed real number prompt: "Please enter a number >".
        Open real number prompt: ">".
        Closed menu prompt: "Please select a number between 1 and [number of entries in current question menu] >".
        Open menu prompt is ">".
        Closed yes/no prompt: "Please enter Y or N (Yes or No) >".
        Open yes/no prompt: ">".
        Closed gender prompt: "Please enter M, F or N (Male or Female or Neuter) >".
        Open gender prompt: ">".
        Closed text prompt: "Please enter your answer >".
        Open text prompt ">".