version 12 by Michael Callaghan

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  • Section: Version 5
    - Improves the before rule for aimless patrollers so that adjacent rooms through a door have an equal chance of being selected to those with a direct connection.
    - Solves a bug that prevented TwoWayRepeated patrollers retracing their routes.
    - Splits out those parts of the rules that print responses into separate phrases to make it easier for us to change the text outputs.
    - Adds a following mode so that the Patroller will attempt to follow the player.
    - Adds a new value, Frequency, that specifies whether the patroller tries to move every turn, every other turn, etc.
    - Adds two new internal commands "Activate Patroller" and "Deactivate Patroller" to set the patroller to active or inactive as required.
    Version 5 requires release 5J39 of Inform 7.