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  • Example: * The Butler - A short example to show door opening by a patroller.
        "The Butler" by Michael Callaghan
        Include Patrollers by Michael Callaghan.
        The library is a room. The description is "Lord Powell's collection of books is impressive. The complete works of Enid Blyton vie for space with several thumb eared Paddington books - all contained within rickety plywood bookcases."
        Books are scenery in the library. "You do not have time to read at the moment. Lord Powell is expecting you for dinner and his errant nephew has locked you in the library."
        Understand "book" as books. Instead of taking the books, try examining the books instead.
        Rickety plywood bookcases are scenery in the Library. "The bookcases look to have been knocked together in 15 minutes by the well known carpenters 'Bodgit and Co.'" Understand "bookcase" as the bookcases. The bookcases are a supporter.
        After examining the bookcases:
            say "You notice Lord Powell's favourite hip flask hidden behind a book.";
            now the hip flask is on the bookcases.
        The hip flask is a thing. "Hip flask." The description is "Finely wrought in solid silver. Sadly it is empty."
        Instead of pulling the bell cord:
            say "There is an imperceptible movement as the well hidden butler's door slides open (and closes again) as the butler glides into the room.";
            now the Butler is in the library.
        The Bell Cord is fixed in place in the Library. "A bell cord hangs down". The description is "One pulls it to summon the butler."
        Instead of taking the bell cord:
            say "That would not do. Just try pulling it."
        The butler is a patroller. "Lord Powell's butler." The description is "Dressed in traditional butler's garb with his hair neatly parted, the butler is every inch the perfect gentleman's servant."
        The Butler is RoomLed. The RoomTable of the Butler is Table of Manor Rooms. The Butler is OneWay.
        Table of Manor Rooms
      The Library  
      The Hallway  
      The Dining Room  
        The OpeningCapability of the Butler is Universal. The ReClosingCapability of the Butler is Leave.
        The Library Door is a door. It is closed and locked.
        The Library Door is north of the Library and south of the Hallway.
        The Hallway is a room. "The parquet flooring has been polished to a high gloss. Oak panels line the walls."
        The Dining Room is a room. "The Lord and his family are seated, waiting for you to arrive for dinner." The Dining Room is east of the Hallway.
        Instead of giving the hip flask to the butler:
            say "The butler thanks you profusely. 'I must take this to his Lordship immediately.'";
            now the butler carries the hip flask;
            activate the Butler.
        The try opening doors for patrollers rule response (A) is "The butler moves as if on castors over to the library door, takes out his key and unlocks it."
        Test me with "open door / get book / x bookcase / get flask / x cord / pull cord / give flask to butler / n / e".