version 12 by Michael Callaghan

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  • Section: Circular
    The patroller follows the route to its end and then starts the route again from the beginning. Note that the extension does not check that the route is truly circular so we must ensure that this is the case.
        The dog is a Patroller in the Dog Kennel. The dog is RoomLed. The dog is Circular.
        The RoomTable of the dog is the Table of Walkies.
        Table of Walkies
      Dog Kennel  
      Back Yard  
      Side Passage  
      Front Yard  
      [There should be a route from the Front Yard to the Dog Kennel for the dog to follow]  
    The dog will therefore go from the Dog Kennel to the Front Yard, from the Front Yard to the Dog Kennel and then repeat the route until something stops the dog patrolling.