version 12 by Michael Callaghan

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  • Section: TwoWayRepeated
    This is the same as TwoWay except that when the patroller gets back to the beginning of the route, the patroller will begin the entire journey again.
        The dog is a Patroller in the Dog Kennel. The dog is RoomLed. The dog is TwoWayRepeated.
        The RoomTable of the dog is the Table of Walkies.
        Table of Walkies
      Dog Kennel  
      Front Yard  
      Main Street  
      Local Butchers  
    The dog will therefore go from the Dog Kennel to the Local Butchers and back via the Main Street and Front Yard to the Dog Kennel. When back at the Dog Kennel, the dog go back to the Local Butchers, back to the Dog Kennel, etc., until something stops the dog patrolling.