Interactive Poetry

version 2 by Michael Bacon

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  • section 2 - definitions

    Use menus translates as (- Constant USE_MENUS; -).
    Use skip intro translates as (- Constant Skip_Intro; -).

    [The quotation is some text that varies. The quotation is "[story headline]".]

    To say quotation: say story headline.

    The intro menu is a table-name that varies. The intro menu is the Table of Sample Options.

    To centre (t - an indexed text), bold or italic:
        let N be the number of characters in T;
        say spaces to centre N;
        if bold, say bold type;
        if italic, say italic type;
        say T;
        say roman type.

    To say spaces to centre (n - a number) -- running on:
    (- print "^"; spaces (((VM_ScreenWidth() - {n})/2)-1);