Interactive Poetry

version 2 by Michael Bacon

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    Uses Basic Screen Effects (built in to Inform 7) by Emily Short to clear the screen.

    This extension nearly closes down Graham Nelson's Standard Rules (without removing them, which is currently difficult to do) and replaces them with a simple system conducive to writing keyword-based interactive poetry or narrative. It revises a body of text based on keywords found in the currently displayed text rather than using verb commands.

    The syntax for creating a poem by continuing the Table of Possible Lines is very simple and may be seen in the included example. This table is all one needs to get started.

    If the author includes "Use paragraphs." in his/her program, there won't be a linebreak automatically added to the end of a line, which will allow the extension to function to support an ordinary paragraph-oriented narrative, like Andrew Plotkin's "The Space Under the Window."

    Punctuation choices currently have to be written manually by the author. Examine the example poem to see how. Michael Bacon would be grateful for any report of a better way to do this.

    The Table of Informational Messages may be amended if desired as explained in Writing with Inform, Chapter 15.19 "Table Amendments." For reference, the table is below:

        Table of Informational Messages
      informational message  line  
      topbar  "[story title]"  
      word-not-valid-yet  "[line break][line break](That word is not part of the poem yet.)[line break]"  
      word-not-valid  "[line break][line break](That word is not part of the poem at all.)[line break]"  
      roll-credits  "[banner text][line break]Thank you for reading.[line break][line break][list of extension credits][line break]"  
      hidden-thanks-response  "[bold type]You are very welcome.[roman type]"  
      end-poem-soft-hiatus  "fín"  

    The following table may be amended to change the options displayed at the end of a poem or narrative:

        Table of Final Question Options
      final question wording   only if victorious   topic   final response rule  final response activity  
       "KEEP this poem"  false  "keep/save/print"  save the game rule  an activity  
      "CREATE a new poem"  false  "create/restart"  restart the game rule  
      "SHOW the poem again"  false  "show/reprint"  poem display rule  
      "FIND a kept poem"  false  "find/restore/kept"  restore the game rule  
      "VIEW the credits"  false  "view/roll/credits/author/poet/credit"  credits rule  
      "say GOODBYE"  false  "bye/goodbye/quit/by"  quit the game rule  
      --  false  "thank you"  hidden you're welcome rule  

    In the poem display rule, comment out or otherwise remove the "clear only the main screen;" line to remove the screen-clearing mechanism. The author may wish to do this for longer works or to allow for the possibility of a smaller game screen.

    Please send bug reports, code improvements, and feature requests to Michael Bacon or to the users of RAIF. Michael can be reached at