Exit Descriptions

version 3 by Matthew Fletcher

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  • Version 3 of Exit Descriptions by Matthew Fletcher begins here.
    "Appends a list of exit directions and names any previously visited rooms at the end of a room description."
    The amount is a number variable.
    The amount is 0.
    The num is a number variable.
    The num is 0.
    The ExitsMessage is some text that varies.
    The ExitsMessage is "Exits:".
    The ExitsAndText is some text that varies.
    The ExitsAndText is " and".
    The ExitsToText is some text that varies.
    The ExitsToText is " to".
    After looking (this is the exit descriptions rule):
        Now the amount is the number of adjacent rooms;
        repeat with destination running through adjacent rooms begin;
            if the num is 0, say "[ExitsMessage]";
            let the way be the best route from the location to the destination, using even locked doors;
            if the way is a direction, say " [way]";
            if the destination is visited, say "[ExitsToText] [the destination]";
            Decrease the amount by 1;
            Increase the num by 1;
            if the amount is 0, say ".";
            if the amount is 1, say "[ExitsAndText]";
            if the amount is greater than 1, say ",";
        end repeat;
        Now the amount is 0;
        Now the num is 0.
    Exit Descriptions ends here.