Keywords for Conversation

version 2 by Matt Wigdahl

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  • Chapter 3 - Rule For Printing

    Rule for printing the name of something (called item) when listing suggested topics (this is the KICP print names while listing topics rule):
        let output be indexed text;
        now output is the printed name of item;
        let kw be indexed text;
        now kw is the keyword of item;
        if kw is "":
            now kw is word number (the number of words in output) in output;
        repeat with wordcounter running from 1 to the number of words in output:
            say "[if wordcounter > 1] [end if]";
            if word number wordcounter in output matches the regular expression "\b(?i)[kw]":
                say "[t][word number wordcounter in output][x]";
                say "[word number wordcounter in output]".