Keywords for Conversation

version 2 by Matt Wigdahl

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    Keywords for Conversation is intended to extend Aaron Reed's Keyword Interface to conversations that use Eric Eve's Conversation Package. Keyword Interface provides mechanisms for highlighting topic keywords, but doesn't go farther than that. This extension provides the necessary bridgework to make the topic highlighting (and single-keyword conversations) work seamlessly with Eric's extension family.

    Conversation Suggestions provides a feature that allows display of available topics. This extension applies the Keyword Interface keyword highlighting rules to the displayed topic list.

    This extension also provides understand rules so that you can simply type the name of a topic and have the conversation system choose the proper conversational action and apply it accordingly.

    In order to display the topic keywords, we must first include Emily Short's Complex Listing extension. When this is included, Eric Eve's Conversation Suggestions uses an alternative topic listing mechanism which is compatible with topic keywording. As this alternative mechanism is required for my extension to work properly, including this extension will also include Complex Listing. Of course, Aaron Reed's Keyword Interface and Eric Eve's Conversation Package are required as well.

    To enable the proper conversational action from a single keyword, certain assumptions are made. Any topic found in the ask-suggestions, other-suggestions, or unsuggested-topics list is assumed to require "quizzing" as the appropriate action. Any topic found in tell-suggestions is assumed to require "informing".

    In order to more fully understand how to use this extension, you'll likely need to be familiar with the documentation for:

        Conversation Package by Eric Eve (an omnibus extension that pulls in several other extensions. Conversation Suggestions is particularly relevant)


        Keyword Interface by Aaron Reed