Multiple Sounds

version 3 by Massimo Stella

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  • Example: * Rainforest - Shows how to use multiple sounds effects to mimic a natural environment.

        *: "Rainforest"
        Include Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella.
        The Swamp is a room. The description is "A beautiful mirror of water is in front of your eyes while behind you there are the tallest trees you've ever seen. You can hear the sound of some frogs in the distance."
        Sound of frogs is the file "Frogs.ogg".
        Sound of water is the file "Water.ogg".
        Sound of wind is the file "Storm.ogg".
        When play begins:
            set the background volume to 2;
            play the sound of frogs in background;
            set the foreground volume to 3;
            play the sound of water in foreground with loop;
            create the midground channel;
            set the raw midground volume to 10000;
            play the sound of wind in midground.