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    Title Page inserts a intro page to your project. This prints the name and by-line of the game, followed by a quotation - by default this is the game's "headline", but you can change it by declaring:

        To say quotation:
            say "...."

    This needs to come after the extension is included. (Note: you must declare exactly "To say quotation", with no "the").

    If you're compiling a Glulx project, Title Page will also display the cover.jpg file as stored in the "Materials" folder of the project.

    It then provides a menu of options: start a new game, restore a saved game and quit. You can also make it display a "show menu" option by setting the menus option and setting the intro menu.

        Use menus.
        The intro menu is the Table of Introductory Information.

    Note that the extension always includes the extension Menus that ships with Inform, and so this framework should be used for writing Menu tables.

    Finally, for debug project (specifically, those in the testing panel) it can be tedious to start the game with an intro panel every time (and indeed, the "restore" option doesn't work in the test pane of the I7 application). Therefore an option is provided to skip the intro on debug versions, but still include it on released versions.

        Use skip intro.