Simple Chat

version 4 by Mark Tilford

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  • Example: ** Less Simple Chat - Shows off a few of the more advanced features of Simple Chat: nodes that get activated during play; nodes that can be chosen only once, or appear in the menu only once; mixing other actions with simple chat conversations.

        "Less Simple Chat" by Victor Gijsbers
        Include Simple Chat by Mark Tilford.

        Talking to is an action applying to one visible thing.

        Understand "talk to [someone]" as talking to.
        Report talking to: say "You have nothing to say.".

        When play begins:
            forbid exiting on zero.

        Living room is a room. Harry is a man in Living Room.

        Finnegans Wake is a thing. Harry carries Finnegans Wake.

        Chat-hello-Harry, chat-book, chat-I-want-it, chat-I-do-not-want-it, chat-fire, chat-goodbye and chat-again are chat nodes.

        Chat-book is sc-once. [We can choose this option only once.] Chat-fire is sc-shown-once. [We must choose it immediately or we can never choose it again.] Chat-again is sc-inactive. [This is only shown once it has been activated.]

        Instead of talking to Harry: run a conversation from chat-hello-harry.

        Report giving text for chat-hello-harry: instead say "Harry looks up as you approach him.".
        Carry out finding responses to chat-hello-harry: link to chat-book; link to chat-fire; link to chat-again; link to chat-goodbye.

        Report giving link to chat-book: instead say "'What was that book you told me about?' ".
        Report giving text for chat-book: instead say "'It's by some guy called Finnegan Wake, and I think it's in Irish or something. Do you want it?'".
        Carry out finding responses to chat-book: link to chat-I-want-it; link to chat-I-do-not-want-it.

        Report giving link to chat-I-want-it: instead say "'Sure.' ".
        Report giving text for chat-I-want-it: move Finnegans Wake to player; instead say "Harry hands the book to you.".
        Carry out finding responses to chat-I-want-it: try finding responses to chat-hello-harry instead.

        Report giving link to chat-I-do-not-want-it: instead say "'No, thanks.' ".
        Report giving text for chat-I-do-not-want-it: instead say "Harry sighs. 'I'm never going to get rid of it.'".
        Carry out finding responses to chat-I-do-not-want-it: try finding responses to chat-hello-harry instead.

        Report giving link to chat-fire: instead say "'Run! Fire!' ".
        Report giving text for chat-fire: instead say "'We are only pixels on a two-dimensional screen. There is nowhere to run to.' Harry's words shatter the fourth wall.".
        Carry out finding responses to chat-fire: try finding responses to chat-hello-harry instead

        Report giving link to chat-again: instead say "'Didn't we have this conversation before?' ".
        Report giving text for chat-again: instead say "'The world is one big circle, and we are doomed to repeat ourselves.'".
        Carry out finding responses to chat-again: try finding responses to chat-hello-harry instead.

        Report giving link to chat-goodbye: instead say "'See you later, Harry.' ".
        Report giving text for chat-goodbye: activate chat-again; instead say "'Later!'".

        Test me with "talk to harry / 1 / 1 / 1 / i / talk to harry / 1 / 4 / 2".