Simple Chat

version 4 by Mark Tilford

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  • Example: * Simplest Chat - Have a simple conversation with Larry. Shows how to use the basic functionality of Simple Chat.

        "Simplest Chat" by Mark Tilford
        Include Simple Chat by Mark Tilford.

        Talking to is an action applying to one visible thing.

        Understand "talk to [someone]" as talking to.
        Report talking to: say "You have nothing to say.".

        Living Room is a room. Larry is a man in Living Room.

        Hello larry, hows tricks, good bye are chat nodes.

        Report giving text for hello larry: instead say "Larry looks up as you approach him.".
        Carry out finding responses to hello larry: link to hows tricks; link to good bye.

        Report giving link to hows tricks: say "'How's tricks?' " instead.
        Report giving text for hows tricks: deactivate hows tricks; say "'Just fine.'" instead.
        Carry out finding responses to hows tricks: link to good bye.

        Report giving link to good bye: instead say "'Good bye.' ".
        Report giving link to good bye when second chat node is hows tricks: instead say "'Well then, good bye.' ".
        Report giving text for good bye: instead say "'You too.'".

        Instead of talking to larry: run a conversation from hello larry.

        Test me with "talk to larry / 1 / 1 / talk to larry / 1 / talk to larry / 0".