Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Chapter - Beginning Play
    Section - Hyperlink Interface setup rule
    pre-game hyperlink setting is a truth state that varies. pre-game hyperlink setting is true.
    When play begins (this is the Hyperlink Interface setup trigger rule):
        if hyperlinks required is false:
            now pre-game hyperlink setting is false;
            continue the action;
        clear the screen;
        let mychar be 1;
        say "Welcome to [o][story title][x][if release number > 0], release [release number][end if].[paragraph break]If no words above were [color]ed or [emphasiz]ed, press K now.[paragraph break]Press [t]N[x] to begin from the beginning or [t]R[x] to restore an existing story." (A);
        while mychar is not 0:
            now mychar is single-character;
            if mychar is 82 or mychar is 114: [ r or R: restore ]
                restore the game;
            if mychar is 75 or mychar is 107: [ k or K: hyperlink ]
                carry out the setup hyperlink emphasis activity;
                now mychar is 0;
            if mychar is 78 or mychar is 110: [ n or N: new game ]
                now mychar is 0;
        clear the screen;
        say "[line break][line break][line break]";
        now pre-game hyperlink setting is false.

    To restore the game: (- RESTORE_THE_GAME_R(); -).