Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Chapter - Screen Reader Mode
    [Screen reader mode does not have much effect by itself; it's mainly provided as a hook for authors with games containing other visual-oriented features. For instance, Blue Lacuna's backwards messages are described in prose rather than presented literally if screen reader mode is true.]
    Screen reader mode is a truth state that varies.
    Setting screen reader mode is an action out of world. Understand "screenreader" or "screen reader" as setting screen reader mode.
    Carry out setting screen reader mode (this is the Hyperlink Interface carry out setting screen reader mode rule):
        if screen reader mode is true:
            now screen reader mode is false;
            say "Screen reader mode has been deactivated." (A);
            now screen reader mode is true;
            say "Screen reader mode has been activated. [story title] uses [emphasiz]ed hyperlinks to indicate important words you may type to advance the story. Your reader software may put a [recogniz]able vocal stress on [emphasiz]ed words like [o]this[x] one. If it doesn't, you can type [o]things[x] from any prompt for a list of nearby objects, or type [d]exits[x] for a list of nearby directions. Type [o]hyperlinks[x] to adjust the style of hyperlinks, or type screen reader with no space to toggle this mode on or off." (B).