Hyperlink Interface

version 9/140814 by Leonardo Boselli

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  • Section - Glulx Style Definitions
    The hyperlink emphases are hyperlink-color1-style, hyperlink-color2-style, hyperlink-bold-style, hyperlink-italics-style, hyperlink-fixedwidth-style, and hyperlink-no-style.
    The style of object-word is usually hyperlink-bold-style. The style of direction-word is usually hyperlink-fixedwidth-style. The style of topic-word is usually hyperlink-italics-style. The style of parser-word is usually hyperlink-italics-style.
    Table of User Styles (continued)
    style name  fixed width  font weight  relative size  color  
    special-style-1  false  bold-weight  0  "#0000FF"  
    special-style-2  false  bold-weight  0  "#339933"  

    To set the text style for (val - a hyperlink emphasis):
        if val is hyperlink-color1-style:
            say first custom style;
        else if val is hyperlink-color2-style:
            say second custom style;
        else if val is hyperlink-bold-style:
            say bold type;
        else if val is hyperlink-italics-style:
            say italic type;
        else if val is hyperlink-fixedwidth-style:
            say fixed letter spacing;
        else if val is hyperlink-no-style:
            do nothing.
    To reset styles with (val - a hyperlink emphasis):
        if val is hyperlink-fixedwidth-style:
            say variable letter spacing;
            say roman type;
        if we-are-parser-speaking is true, say as the parser.